What Is Schools-In-Spain.com?

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and links to EVERYTHING you’ll ever need when searching for the right Spanish school for your child

Hi, welcome to Schools in Spain..

valencia business schoolIt is frustrating trying to find information about Spanish schools on the Internet. The information you’re desperately searching for probably does actually exist somewhere but mostly it’s almost impossible to find, especially if you don’t speak fluent Spanish.

Many families are making the move to Spain and one of the top priorities is to find suitable schools for their children.

It can be virtually impossible to figure out how the school system works, what schools are available and what forms needed to be completed – the list goes on and on. Even in an ‘expat-friendly’ part of Spain too – it gets much harder facing these challenges in rural Spain.

Of course, you cannot even begin to look for a place to live until you have sorted your children’s schools out and you cannot begin the application process until you have some kind of an address.

Clearly, many survive the ordeal and thousands of foreign kids are doing well at their Spanish schools now – but it can be much, much harder than it needs to be – mainly because of the lack of reliable information available.

So, schools-in-spain.com is born and it’s our attempt at righting that wrong. We doubt that it will ever be truly complete but we’ve decided to just get started with the information that we have already accumulated.

What you can find on schools-in-spain.com

A list of the best international schools in Spain with information about the school itself and probably some web and email links too. There’s also a link to a map which will show you the location of the school or town in Spain.

There’s a resources section where we’ll be adding some useful Spanish educational links to other web sites. This isn’t one of those useless link directories – simply a list of the best web sites we’ve found when researching schools in Spain.

We also realise that for many finding a Spanish or tenerife property will be important, like many countries each state school has a catchment area so if you have a specific school in mind this will be an important consideration for your new home.

Finally, there’s a contact form which is where you can ask us a question or make a comment or suggest a useful article or resource.

We’d really appreciate you adding your thoughts or research in the ‘Contact’ section so that we can share it with every other parent trudging through the process of researching schools in Spain.

Our intention is to make this a communal project where anyone interested in schools in Spain can contribute and benefit from the research of everyone else. In time, we hope to be introducing some new features that make it easy to do just that, however, one step at a time!

Thanks for visiting, please browse around and give us your feedback or suggestions.