Statistics and You: European Quality Schools

Juan Luis Salguero Rodríguez, from I.E.S. “Campos de San Roque”, who was awarded the European Quality label for a math project, conducted in English, explains;

The project:“ Statistics and you “ involved three schools: Gimnazjum im. Jana Pawła II w Krempachach, Poland, Scuola Media Statale „L.Sinisgalli” Potenza, Italy and IES “Campos de San Roque, Spain.

quality statisticsThe aim of the project was to use Maths in everyday activities and to improve the level of students’ English competence. Furthermore, for enhancing students’ media competence and better knowledge of culture in other countries in the EU.

Pupils from each partner school was to collect data about themselves, and other students like themselves. Hereafter, they collated it in simple statistic surveys. This, was then exchanged with their partner schools and evaluated. This way, we could apply mathematics to the everyday life of the students, their surroundings and family background, hereby developing a better understanding of each other. English language was to be used to develop the project, and learning about the use of this language, as a means of communication.

The project was divided in three steps:

First step was for the students to elaborate the questionnaires that they wanted to administer at a selected sample of students. Secondly, the statistical data, based on answers of 50 students in each country, was analyzed and interpreted. But it was also printed for presentations, by all of the schools. Third; on the 27th March we made a short movie called “One day of my life”. Time of each scene was proportional to time in a real life: 12 seconds = 1 hour. Allowing us to show and to compare a timetable of the student’s day in each country.

All the results were shown to the rest of the students, parents and other teachers during public presentations which took place in Poland and Spain on 29th April, and in Italy one week later.

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