Part Time Translation Work for Students

part time translation workFor American students studying abroad in Spain, there is a tremendous opportunity to earn a part time income by providing translation services for companies and organizations both locally in the city where you’re studying or via an online service.

In this post we’ll take a deeper look at what this work entails and why we think it’s a good opportunity for students.

Why Translate?

If you’re looking for part time work and have a fluent understanding of a second language, then translation can be an excellent option. Since most students who come to Spain to study abroad have such fluency (or at a minimum a professional capacity) for Spanish, they are excellent candidates to provide on-demand translation work.

Translation jobs are good for students because they allow for flexible hours and part time schedules, while paying significantly higher than the standard minimum wage rates. That means that for students who otherwise would need to find work in the service industry, for example, or doing other menial tasks in between their studies, translation is a comparatively high paid and viable option.

Additionally, working as a translator can help students to gain an even better understanding of the second language they’re studying. While you’re unlikely to qualify to translate from English into your second-language Spanish, you will be able to qualify to translate from Spanish to English.

How To Find Spanish to English Translator Jobs Online

If this sounds like an opportunity that is right for you, there are a number of resources you can use to find work, depending on the number of hours you want to take on and how flexible your schedule is.

If you’re looking for online work, then you can find a comprehensive list of Spanish to English translator jobs at Many of these jobs allow you to apply and, once accepted, select your tasks from an ongoing list. You’ll be able to choose when you work, and most jobs will give you 24-48 hours to complete them, once you accept the task.

For more permanent opportunities, you might want to check with your university job board or study abroad program. For example, Universidad Complutense de Madrid often has available jobs listed with their career services department.

The difficulty with these positions is that sometimes your work eligibility can depend on your visa status. While some student visa types permit part time work as long as its sponsored through the university, others do not. For example, you may be able to find a job working for tuition-exchange, but not as a professional with an individual salary.

For this reason, the online jobs are often easier, and come with the advantage of paying you directly to your American bank account or Paypal, so you don’t have to worry about the tax or visa consequences of earning money while abroad.

Learn more about getting a part time job overseas with this video:

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