European Quality Award, Continued

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eu quality awardMarián Reguera González and her students from IES Valle de Piélagos who has received the European Quality Award for the project:  “So different, so similar”.

Aiming to motivate the students, by getting in touch with other teenagers in Europe.  Beginning with students from Spain, Poland and Greece, and later incorporating students from Germany and Italy.

First step was to exchange some familiar information on-line: Individual presentations, environment, national highlights etc. After the first year it was time to do further work together, so we developed a the title of the project by producing a questionnaire covering different areas of the life of a teenager today. So at this point  to improve the quality we added the two final partners; Germany and Italy.

Using the computer lab once a week we produced Power Point presentations of results and the students sent their work to the teacher to upload. The graphics was produces with the use of MS Excel and Power Point. At the moment we are working on a video to be uploaded to TwinSpace, where the students have and interactive forum and can comment on posts etc. Knowing about other students and their life has been one of the benefits and having new friends, in other European countries.

Using a foreign language in the project has been the most innovative aspect of the project. It has been a 17-month project with excellent results, both for our students and the teachers involved in it. Students now feel how they are taking part in shaping a common European citizenship.

They have been learning a lot while using one of their favorite learning tools; the computer.

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